In take monster. Call me drug monster. Don't bring me to your party. Cause I'll go bonkers. I'll drink all your beer. And I'll do what I wanna. Sniff all your cocaine. And smoke your Marijuana. Glutton of pleasure. Cause I want it all designer. 100 thousand milligrams. Eat 'em like Piranha. I can see how bad you wanna. Put me in a genre. But I don't give a fuck. Cause one day we all goners. If I can't fuck your girl. Then I'm mackin' on ya momma. I swear to fucking God. That I'm mackin' on ya momma. Get in big trouble. Face fucking little China. Only Facebook chattin'. To use her mouth like vagina. Don't got snapbacks and tats. Cause of Tyga. I shine so hard. Even fam hate kinda. Vaca'd my whole life. But I never been to 'Hamas. Still my weed so sticky. That I can't flick the lighter. Bitches gettin' low. While I be gettin' higher. Got ya bitch off the web. Cause I'm chillin' like a spider. No dust on my shoulders. Style wet like saliva. R.I.P. The Fucking Best. See ya when my time expire.